Centurion masks Centurion masks
Centurion masks

CENTURION®, to protect you and your community

Centurion masks Centurion masks
Centurion masks Centurion masks

Washable and Reusable for up to 150 Wash Cycles without changing filters

Centurion masks Centurion masks
Centurion masks Centurion masks

Free DHL Express Delivery

Three Layers

Centurion masks

Highest quality grade fabrics and textiles

Modern & Elegant Design

We offer a large choice of colors and purpose made fabrics to combine optimal technical performance, quality and comfort. All our masks are handcrafted in Europe with love!

Nano Membrane

Comfort & Safety

Our Nano Technology called nano Membrane has been designed to filter while ensuring the comfort and the pleasant feeling of breathing freely.

For optimal resistance to washing and daily use, the Nano Membrane is carefully framed and compressed in between two Viscose layers.

100% Natural Viscose

Hypoallergenic and anti-perspirant fabric

We only use 100% pure viscose for unparalleled comfort and lightness. With a Centurion, you will feel like you can breathe normally! Our 100% viscose limits condensation, reduces sweating and prevents allergic reactions.

Three Layers


    Optimal use thanks to its certified Nano Membrane layer


    Hypoallergenic, Comfortable Easy Breathing


    Well adjusted, elegant and Chic!

The very first mask with innovative technology allowing optimal efficiency for up to 150 wash cycles.

Thanks to its unique long lasting certified filter, the Centurion mask is washable and usable without the need to buy or change filters.

Our Strong Points

  • Composition with innovative technology

  • Washable and Reusable - 150 Washes

  • Comfortable easy breathing guaranteed thanks to the Hypoallergenic and Antiperspirant fabrics used

  • Made in Europe with Love

  • Sizing for Everyone

  • Free DHL Express delivery, 7 days guaranteed

Masks for the whole Family

Centurion masks

Masks for the whole Family

Most masks on the market are one size fits all and non adjustable. A mask that is poorly fitted to the face does not provide perfect protection. The reliability of a mask is optimal depending on the fit and size. Centurion offers sizes for the whole family and for all ages.

  • Men

  • Women

  • Teens

  • Children

So you can explore your world feeling more confident and serene!


We want to Save you Money!

The daily use of a mask can quickly become very expensive. Based on current market prices, if you were to use simple disposable masks for 1 year, you would be spending between 500.00$ for a simple disposable mask and up to 5,000.00$ for the more expensive high filtration disposable versions.

For only 29.99$, the Centurion mask can be washed 150 times and guarantees prolonged use to protect you and your community without having to change your mask daily or buy and replace filters.

We want to Help our beautiful planet ❤️

The Centurion mask is made with recyclable materials. Did you know that disposable masks account for hundreds of tons of non recyclable waste per month. By wearing a mask, you Protect yourself, you Protect others and you help Protect Mother Nature ♻️

Together, let’s make a Difference!

When you buy a Centurion mask, you are helping fundraising organizations that use donations to buy medical supplies and other products for the fight against transmissible diseases. Centurion is donating 10% of the profit generated by the sale of its masks to these organizations and to selected charities and healthcare centers around the world. So yes! Let’s make a difference, TOGETHER.


Designed for everyone and for every day use. Please note that Washable and Reusable masks cannot be used in high viral load environments such as hospitals and transmissible disease clinics and health centers that require systematic hygienic and contaminant replacement protocols.

Due to hygienic standards and the personal nature of our protective face masks, all orders are final sale and we are unable to accept returns, refunds, or cancellations on any order.

Centurion masks

Nano Membrane

Centurion masks

for Adults &

Centurion masks

and usable
for 12 months

Centurion masks

DHL Express delivery,
7 days guaranteed

Centurion masks

Certified Hypoallergenic

Centurion masks

in Europe
With Love

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