Women’s Mask


29,90 $ 24,90 $

29,90 $ 24,90 $

Filtration thanks to our certified Nano Membrane technology

Hypoallergenic and antiperspirant

Washable and Reusable - 150 Washes

Stock Available

Elegantly designed and Beautifully trendy

Exceptionally finished for the utmost quality and comfort

Unique manufacturing and fabrication assembly for peak performance

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We want to Help our beautiful planet ❤️🌏

A Centurion Mask is made of 100% recyclable materials and will last you 12 months. Did you know that disposable masks account for hundreds of tons of non recyclable waste per month. By wearing a mask, you Protect yourself, you Protect others and you help Protect Mother Nature ♻️

Together, let’s make a Difference!

When you buy a Centurion mask, you are helping fundraising organizations that use donations to buy medical supplies and other products for the fight against transmissible diseases. Centurion is donating 10% of the profit generated by the sale of its masks to these organizations and to selected charities and healthcare centers around the world. So yes! Let’s make a difference, TOGETHER.


Designed for everyone and for every day use. Please note that Washable and Reusable masks cannot be used in high viral load environments such as hospitals and transmissible disease clinics and health centers that require systematic hygienic and contaminant replacement protocols.